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 April 19, 2014 Tractor Supply in Cartersville 

 Membership Application

 Seventh Annual Gordon County Antique Engine and Tractor Club Show October 2013 

 Cartersville Tractor Supply, April 20, 2013

 Sixth Annual Gordon County Antique Engine and Tractor Club Show October 2012

 Second Annual Gordon County Georgia Antique Engine and Tractor Show October 2008

 Fourth Annual Peach State Antique Tractor and Engine Club Chatsworth Show 2008

 Sixth Annual Peach State Antique Tractor and Engine Club Chatsworth Show 2010

 Red Bud Elementary School Hay Ride October 2008

 Santa in the Park, Calhoun, Georgia, November 20, 2008

 Calhoun, Georgia, Christmas Parade of Lights, December 16, 2008

 Tractor Supply, Calhoun, Georgia, April 4, 2009

 John Deere Pavilion, Moline, Illinois, September 8, 2009

 Third Annual Gordon County Antique Engine and Tractor Show, October 16-17, 2009

 Danny Wood's John Deere A

 Videos of the May 1, 2010 fund raiser at Tractor Supply in Cartersville, Georgia

 Seventh Annual Peach State Antique Tractor and Engine Club Show and Tractor Pull, Chatsworth 2011

 HEAVY METAL in Motion, Tellus Science Museum, Cartersville, Georgia, October 2010

 HEAVY METAL in Motion, Tellus Science Museum, Cartersville, Georgia, October 2011

 Fifth Annual Gordon County Antique Engine And Tractor Show, Calhoun, Georgia, October 2011

 Paquette's International Harvester Farmall Historical Museum in Leesburg, Florida

Gordon County Antique Engine and Tractor Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 1871
Calhoun, Georgia 30703
Kim King 706-346-1690
Founded 2007


Second Tuesday Monthly Meeting at the Chuckwagon Restaurant,
1446 Hwy 41 N., Calhoun, Ga. at Interstate 75 Exit 318. Eat at 6. Meet at 7.

Shirts and hats for sale at any club meeting.

Upcoming Tractor Shows Nationwide

2014 Club Calendar of Events PDF

October 18, 2014, 8th Annual Calhoun Antique Engine and Tractor Show

Gordon County Antique Engine and Tractor Club on Facebook

Please email Paul Quillen with web page updates.

Any questions, please call Ricky Matthews at 770-382-4165.

Upload Pictures Call Kim King at 706-346-1690 for user name and password.

Ricky Matthews, President 770-382-4165
Kim King, Vice President 706-629-9983
Beverly Primmer, Secretary 706-629-7227
Kim Primmer, Treasurer 706-629-7227
Paul Quillen, PR and Webmaster 770-382-1023
Chantell Matthews, Show Coordinator 770-382-4165
Safety Coordinator, Ricky Matthews 770-382-4165
Music Coordinator, Jackie Cummings 423-596-5049


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